Two things happened to me today.

1. I realized I’m no longer constantly on the verge of tears about a boy breaking up with me. This is a victory. 

2. My shitty roommate decided he is staying here next year even though my not shitty roommate and I told him we don’t want him here. So we’re house hunting now. This was not a victory.

(p.s. if anyone knows of any adorable, cheap, open floor plan 3 bedroom houses (with maybe a bathtub??) in Btown let me knowwwww thx lovers)


#168 Girl Power


My name is Josephine Baker, and I’ve been on this Women’s History Month display for, well, the whole month. Beyonce came by for a quick visit, but she was snatched up right away and went home in Dora’s backpack. Then Alicia Keys stopped by only to leave the same day with My Little Pony. When Miley Cyrus came for a squat, I thought I might have a chance. I mean, what parent would let their kid take home Miley as a twerking, gyrating version of girl power?

I stood as tall as my spine would let me. Yes, here I am, Josephine Baker, queen of the Jazz Age against a sad, pathetic little woman-child. I stood a little too tall…and knocked Miley on the floor. Score! A girl walked by and picked Miley up, “Mommy, can I get this?” Sigh. I guess I’ll have to wait until next year.


oh my jeebus